Recruiting Process

We carefully review the applications we receive and we then take pleasure in inviting selected candidates for an interview.

Handling your application
We prefer to receive online applications. You can apply online using the link provided for each job advertisement. You will receive an e-mail confirmation when you have applied for a job. Your application will be sent to the manager responsible for evaluation and possible selection for interview.

The interview process
If you are one of the selected candidates, you should expect to participate in up to three interviews before a job offer is made. We use various techniques to help us assess a candidate and his/her skills to see if these meet the needs of the specific job. After the third round of interviews, we select the candidate we feel is best suited to fill the position.

As soon as possible after the final decision has been made, we phone or write to the remaining applicants, thanking them for their interest. 

Introduction to Lundbeck
If you are selected for a position at Lundbeck, you will attend an introduction programme, where you will learn more about Lundbeck Japan. It is crucial that you get the best possible start in your new career with Lundbeck.

Your application
We expect you to have a good feel for what the job involves when you apply for a position with Lundbeck.

This will enable you to write a targeted application for the job in question. If you are in doubt about the job or the qualifications required, please contact the person mentioned in the job announcement directly.

Your application should be specific to the position you are applying for. You can do this by giving us a good reason to want to see you.

Please tell us:

  • why you want this particular job
  • why your skills, knowledge and experience are relevant to the job in question
  • what kind of person you are.

Your CV should give us an accurate, detailed overview of your career and your professional qualifications as they relate to the job you are seeking.

The interview
We expect you to be well prepared for your interview.

The interview is an opportunity:

  • for you to get a better idea of the job, the department in question and the company in general
  • for us to get a better idea of who you are and an impression of whether your personal and professional qualifications match the job and the company.

Thus, the interview gives both of us an opportunity to decide whether we are a good match

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