Medicinal Product Donation

In the past decades, Lundbeck has established specialist knowledge about medical treatment aimed at improving the lives of people living with psychiatric and neurological disorders.

In specific situations, we may consider request for donations of Lundbeck medicinal products for purposes in line with current guidelines from the World Health Organization (WHO). This includes situations where a donation of Lundbeck medicinal products may be a temporary solution to a specific, well-defined problem e.g. assistance to hospitals or clinics that do not have other reasonable access to such medicine.

Request for donation of a Lundbeck medicinal product must meet the following criteria:

  • There should be an expressed need for the Lundbeck medicinal product that would not be accessible to the recipient otherwise
  • The medicinal product donation should be time limited and not in any way conducted as part of a marketing or promotional activity
  • Lundbeck holds a valid marketing authorisation and exclusive commercialisation rights for the Lundbeck medicinal product in the recipient country
  • Lundbeck must be allowed to provide the medicinal product free of charge under local laws, regulations and administrative procedures in the recipient country
  • Donations are only provided to eligible recipients e.g. a hospital or clinic and not individual healthcare professionals, political or religious organizations, etc.
  • The Lundbeck medicinal product have at least one year remaining of the approved shelf life
  • Lundbeck must determine and ensure that the recipient has adequate capacity to handle the donation and administer the Lundbeck medicinal product to patients, and agree in advance with the recipient the appropriate disposal or reverse logistics of expired products

Making a request
Please submit the information requested in the application form and send your application to You may be requested to send additional information.

The requests will be handled by H. Lundbeck A/S according to company procedures. Applications will be reviewed and in most cases the decision will be communicated to the applicant within 90 days.

Application form

Medicinal Product Donation



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