Women's Mental Health Teleconsultations in Pakistan

Progress on access to brain health

At Lundbeck, we view sustainability as a shared, global responsibility. It’s why our Sustainability Strategy is based on the UN Sustainable Development Goals.  

Advancing UNSDG 3, Good Health and Well Being, is core to our strategy. To support this goal, we set a series of bold aspirations, including improve mental health parity, reduce stigma and enhance cultural acceptability of brain diseases. That’s why we teamed with ReliveNow, a Pakistan-based telehealth platform that provides virtual, affordable and culturally appropriate mental health services, on an initiative to combat the taboo associated with women’s mental health. With support from Lundbeck, ReliveNow hosted a series of events aimed at helping women learn about depression and available interventions. 

In 2021, ReliveNow hosted 5 events sponsored by Lundbeck such as “Start Talking: Depression - it’s not just a phase” aimed at helping women to learn about depression, its symptoms and available interventions.

One of the pharmaceutical industry’s most material sustainability issues is how the industry supports good health and wellbeing for all, leaving no one behind. With more than 70 years’ experience in developing innovative treatments for brain disorders, we are keenly aware of the many obstacles that can prevent an individual from achieving brain health. Whether it be genetics, age, race, sex, ethnicity, socio-economic determinants or access to healthcare, understanding and fully evaluating the multitude of factors that influence a person’s health are key to both the development of good medicine and equitable advances in brain health. Since adopting our Access to Brain Health strategy in 2020, Lundbeck has taken a number of proactive steps in our 2030 Access to Brain Health strateg


Read more about this and other partnership, along with our sustainability aspirations in our annual Sustainability Report. 

Sustainability Report

Read about our sustainability actions in our most recent Sustainability Report.