Feature Jun 09, 2022

Patients at the center of digital transformation in Lundbeck China

Our affiliate in China has launched a new digital Patient Care Solution program. Rooted in our patient-centricity belief, the program strives to address the challenge of treatment access and other major pain points Chinese patients and healthcare professionals (HCPs) face.

The global pandemic has vastly accelerated change in the behaviors of patients and doctors shifting the access to hospitals and treatment from offline to online. It has further contributed to the rise of digital innovation in healthcare worldwide. 


In China, this transformation has led to the rapid development of e-commerce, emerging online clinics, hospitals, pharmacies, and pharmaceuticals offering a “one-stop” digital solution of various service offerings for patients and doctors. Leveraging on the fast-changing healthcare environment and booming digital health technologies, Lundbeck China agilely responded by launching a digital Patient Care Solution program, to empower patients and increase our business resilience in China. 



With a deep understanding and insights into the trends and unmet needs of patients and our customer HCPs in China, the Patient Care Solution program is a pioneer of its kind.

The program has bred the ground for a digital ecosystem in China to optimize the patient treatment journey and ease their access to consultation, diagnosis, and treatment. It also acts as a source of health-related information for patients as well as HCPs in a digital ecosystem powered by artificial intelligence. 


Since its launch, the program has connected patients and HCPs closely through each aspect of their digital lives and empowered the role of patients in the engagement with HCPs and self-care management. 


The solution is not only seen as an efficient care delivery model, but it also offers new opportunities for HCPs and healthcare providers to understand patient behavior and to continuously support them outside the traditional care setting.