Feature Nov 25, 2021

From Drughunters winner to neuropsychologist

Every year, the Drughunters competition inspires high school students all over Denmark and ignites an interest that can pave the way for the neuroscience talents of tomorrow, such as Charlotte Amalie Børglum Sørensen.

Charlotte participated in Lundbeck's Drughunters competition in 2010 and won the science contest together with her group. Today, she spends her day at Rigshospitalet, one of Denmark's leading research hospitals, researching the relationship between the brain's physical structures and how that conveys in our mental processes, cognitive processes, behaviors, and emotions.


Lundbeck is proud that our Drughunters competition helped fuel Charlotte's already existing interest in neuroscience, and to a certain extent, played a role in her choice of career.

Drughunters 2022 is open for entries, and this is your chance to share this platform with anyone that might be interested in the Drughunters competition (Only DK).