Partnering with Patient Groups and Working to Restore Brain Health

In a worldwide survey, Lundbeck is ranked 15 out of 48 or the world’s top pharma companies for corporate reputation among patient groups.

The 2019 annual survey "The Corporate Reputation of Pharma” from PatientView has been published. Based on feedback from 1,850 patient groups in 95 countries, 48 pharma companies were surveyed for their corporate reputation based on 12 different indicators. Lundbeck continues to be highly ranked by patient groups who have worked with us. Our ranking on patient centricity, patient information and relationships with the patient groups all advanced. This resulted in a strong Net Promoter Score – which measures patient groups' willingness to continue to work with and recommend Lundbeck.

 “We are proud of this recognition by patient groups, who represent the people with brain disease that we seek to serve.,” says Deborah Dunsire, President & CEO, Lundbeck.

“The survey shows that patient groups who work with us value the partnership with us and the services and information we provide them. Collaboration with patient groups is pivotal in our work and strong partnerships are key in our commitment to restore brain health.”

Snapshots of Lundbeck's ranking:

  • Overall, Lundbeck is ranked 15th out of 48 pharma companies among patient groups familiar with us)
  • Lundbeck is ranked 14th among patient groups having worked with us 
  • Number of groups working with Lundbeck: 68
  • Ranked #4 on the Net Promoter Score measuring patient groups’ willingness to work with and recommend the company 

The 12 indicators

  1. Patient centricity
  2. Patient information
  3. Patient safety
  4. High-quality products
  5. Transparence, pricing
  6. Transparency, clinical-trial data
  7. Transparency, funding of stakeholders
  8. Integrity
  9. Quality of relationships with patient groups
  10. Providing services ‘beyond the pill’
  11. Engaging patients in research
  12. Engaging patients in development

Percentage of patient groups stating that Lundbeck was “best” for an indicator:

Tier rankings
Corporate rankings’ tiers (top, middle, bottom) where Lundbeck sits for each of the 12 indicators:


About PatientView

PatientView is a UK-based research, publishing, and consultancy group, created out of a belief that the views of patients should be considered in all important healthcare decisions (whether a new healthcare product is being developed, or whether a government is instituting changes to a health system).


The organisation was formed in response to the emerging powerful new global patient movement. PatientView has worked to build bridges worldwide with the health NGOs that comprise the patient movement—to help define and support one of the most important factors changing healthcare in the 21st century.


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