Lundbeck ranked high by patient organizations

Worldwide survey places Lundbeck in top 5 pharma companies for corporate reputation

PatientView, a research, publishing and consultancy group working to build bridges between health Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs) worldwide, has just announced the results of its annual survey The Corporate Reputation of Pharma – the Patient Perspective

The survey measures and ranks the corporate reputation of 37 pharmaceutical companies and is based on the evaluation and input from 1,150 patient organizations from 58 countries around the world. Patient organizations are asked to evaluate the reputation of pharmaceutical companies in relation to aspects such as patient centricity, patient information, safety, useful products, transparency and integrity.

In the overall ranking of the 2014 survey, Lundbeck is placed in 5th position, while qualifying for 1st position in relation to CNS (diseases related to the central nervous system).  

We caught up with Neil Mulcock, Vice President, Global Public Affairs, to find out why Lundbeck's reputation among patient organizations is important:  

"Our reputation is the foundation for establishing and maintaining relationships with patient organizations within our disease areas. It enables us to discuss issues of common interest and collaborate on making a difference for patients with brain diseases".

"In some parts of the world, brain disease is subject to stigma. Through working with patient organizations, we can help fight prejudice and make it easier for patients to seek treatment. Patient groups are also becoming a stakeholder of increasing importance when payers make decisions about which compounds or medication they reimburse, and patient organizations therefore play a significant role in making treatments available".

One of the few companies dedicated to brain disease
On the question of why Lundbeck has achieved such a prominent ranking, Neil Mulcock comments:

"I'd like to think it is because patient organizations recognize us as genuinely committed in our ambition to improve the lives of patients with brain disease. We are one of the few pharmaceutical companies in the world focused on treatments within this area. And even though it is complex and challenging to develop improved treatments for brain diseases, we are committed to continuing our research and development within this field". 

"I also think our position in the survey stems from a consistent effort over many years to approach the challenges of brain diseases from many angles. Working on finding new and improved medicines and making these available to patients is key, but ensuring relevant support to caregivers and families while promoting tolerance and ways to cope on a community level is also important". 

More information

Top ten pharma companies based on overall rankings in The Corporate Reputation of Pharma 2014 survey:


1.ViiV Healthcare


2.Novo Nordisk








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