Solid Dosage

Manufacturing of tablets and micro-tablets

Dry Forms

Our production systems meet current safety/environmental and quality standards, with recognised procedural knowledge in the development and manufacture of tablets and micro-tablets. Production entails conventional techniques of blending, granulation and drying.

Compression and coating is carried out on a range of sizes from micro-tablets (2mm diameter) to large tablets (weighing up to 1g).

We have also developed expertise in coating techniques aimed at sustained or controlled release of the active ingredient. In addition, we are equipped to handle organic solvents, so we can use certain coating agents that cannot be used with water (ATEX equipment).

We can consequently produce tablets or micro-tablets for clinical batches, validation batches and commercial batches.

Lastly, we are recognised for our management and manufacture of narcotic products, with specific facilities and official approvals for narcotic and psychotropic products.

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