2015 CNPDW-International Neurology& Psychiatry Disease Summit

June 7, 2015, International Neurology and Psychiatry Summit 2015 was hold in Beijing. Professor Zhang Zhenxin, chief doctor of Neurology Department, Peking Union Medical College Hospital, Professor Cai Zhuoji, chief doctor of Beijing Anding Hospital Affiliated to Capital Medical University, Professor Xu Yifeng, director of Shanghai Mental Health Center, Mr. Søren Kjeld Kristensen, general manager of Lundbeck China & Hong Kong , and more than 300 experts on neuropsychiatric disorders  present at the meeting. Professor Zhang and Professor Cai made brilliant speeches on neuropsychiatric disorders respectively. As the 100-year anniversary of Lundbeck approached, Mr. Kristensen also made a keynote speech. In the meantime, to further improve and strengthen public awareness of identifying, preventing and treating neuropsychiatric disorders, Mr. Kristensen, Professor Zhang and Professor Cai jointly kicked off the 2nd China Neurology and Psychiatry Disease Week.