People in Lundbeck

Lundbeck People

Even though Lundbeck people come from different regions, we have the same mission to improve the quality of life of people suffering from psychiatric and neurological disorders. 

Lundbeck people are imaginative. We dare to be different. Because we believe in the necessity of being open to new knowledge and alternative solutions. This is the cornerstone of Lundbeck’s value chain, from research and development to production and marketing.

Lundbeck people are passionate. We have a long-standing tradition of never giving up. We have met with setbacks and will meet them again in the effort to find new treatments for CNS disorders. But we never give up.

Lundbeck people are responsible. Our reputation is built on respect, trust and integrity, so we do the right thing and act responsibly towards colleagues, the environment and the external community.

Lundbeck also provides our people with excellent working environment, stable development platform, good boon and personalized trainings.

On the journey to achieve our mission, every Lundbeck people will try the best. We believe Lundbeck will become a world leader in psychiatry and neurology with our efforts.

If you have the same vision, same mission and same value, welcome to join us!