Lundbeck Institute China

Founded in 1997 in Copenhagen, Denmark, Lundbeck Institute is committed to providing medical education for central nervous system (CNS) diseases with the aim of “academic、educational and neutral stand”. Lundbeck Institute China was established in 2008.

Lundbeck Institute China provides support for Chinese clinicians to continuously improve their understanding and management of CNS diseases, and to keep looking for the optimal treatments for diseases. It aims to improve the quality of life of the patients living with psychological and neurological diseases through the form of medical education.

Currently, Lundbeck Institute China has expanded from the initial disease area of dementia and cognitive impairment to the three major fields of dementia and cognitive impairment, major depression disorder and Parkinson’s disease. And it now covers over 200 hospitals in large and medium-sized cities compared with it covered dozens of hospitals in Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou and other big cities at the very beginning of time. Since entering in China, Lundbeck Institute has initiated more than 260 workshops and provided medical education for over 10,500 people.

Key projects of Lundbeck Institute in China

 “Cognitive impairment and dementia” seminar

 “Cognitive impairment and dementia” seminar is a long-lasting education project initiated by Lundbeck Institute. With the patient-oriented educational approach, the seminar has developed various interdisciplinary courses consistent with the clinical needs, which is highly recognized by clinicians. With more and more geriatricians and psychiatrists participating in this project, this seminar has become an educational platform for multi-disciplinary clinicians learning and communication

 Since the first urban symposium was held in Nanjing in 2009, at least 200 seminars have been organized in more than 40 first-tier and second-tier cities in China including Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Chengdu, Hangzhou, Nanjing, Xi’an, etc., with nearly 10,000 clinicians attended.


WPA-Institute depression education program

WPA-Institute depression education program is co-hosted by Lundbeck Institute and WPA (World Psychiatric Association), aiming to provide support for clinicians from general hospitals and community hospitals to recognize and treat Major Depressive Disorder more effectively through building a persistent and interactive educational platform.

This project kicked off in 2012, to date, over 1,500 clinicians from more than 40 cities in China have participated in this project.


Training programs for top young psychiatrists in China - UP Project

UP project is an educational project tailormade for Chinese young psychiatrists by CPA (Chinese Psychiatrist Association) and Lundbeck Institute China, which is also an important turning point in the development of Lundbeck Institute in China. The project has expanded the level of audiences and provided personalized and targeted courses, which achieved highly positive effect.


The E-magazine of Lundbeck Institute – Transmission

The name “Transmission” is derived from a jargon in neurobiology, “Transmitter”, which plays a vital role as the messenger in the process of neural information transmission. Transmission symbolizes the transmission of academic thoughts in psychology/neurology area. As a medium to disseminate the thoughts and knowledge, Transmission insists to be neutral, protecting the academic purity of Lundbeck Institute China. In recent years, Transmission has become a powerful facilitator for experts and clinicians in China to exchange academic thoughts and to discuss disease diagnosis and treatment programs.