Working with healthcare professionals and organizations

Lundbeck works with healthcare professionals when developing and delivering new treatment options to people living with psychiatric and neurological diseases. This collaborative working benefits patients and their relatives as well as society.

Importance of transparency

As an innovative and responsible pharmaceutical company, specialised in supporting the lives of patients living with psychiatric and neurological disorders, Lundbeck works with healthcare professionals, such as researchers and doctors, and healthcare organisations, such as hospitals, clinical practices and universities, to develop and commercialize new leading treatment options.

We are committed to keep our collaborative working professional, free of undue influence and always transparent. Therefore, we contribute to, and follow, applicable European and country industry codes that promote increased transparency.

Lundbeck works with healthcare professionals (HCP) and organisations (HCO) throughout the pharmaceutical value chain.

From early Discovery and Research activities to Development and clinical studies. When preparing our treatments for launch through Marketing activities, and when our Sales teams help doctors to get to know the disease areas we are specialized in and the options they have for treating their patients.


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