Global pricing position

Lundbeck acknowledges the challenges faced by healthcare systems under pressure from rising demands and we recognise concerns expressed on the affordability of innovative medicines.

Lundbeck is the only global pharmaceutical company solely focused on psychiatric and neurological disorders. We have been focused on research and innovation in this area for over 70 years. Given the high-risk nature of this work, many other companies have reduced their investments or even abandoned research in this field. As expressed in our strategy, Lundbeck remains committed to psychiatric and neurological disorders because the need for new treatments is so significant.

Our development and commercialisation of improved treatments create value for patients, societies and investors. Running a sustainable business requires us to invest in new and better treatments for patients, while reducing the burden for patients and societies and delivering a competitive return to our shareholders. In short, the value our marketed medicines generate allows us to reinvest in research and development of new and better medicines.

The way healthcare systems are organized varies significantly around the world. Our dialogue with pricing authorities reflects this complexity and is always conducted in consideration of the relevant context.

We believe we share a common goal with all partners in healthcare: To ensure that patients get rapid access to the latest, effective and life-saving medicines. We are working with governments and healthcare systems to find solutions to make medicines accessible and healthcare more sustainable, whilst securing future medical innovation.

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