Animal Ethics

As a pharmaceutical company, we are obliged to conduct studies on animals. We will only use animal studies when no alternatives exist and when the benefits outweigh the possible risks of discomfort to the animals.

This means that we will:

  • Apply high animal welfare standards in relation to the housing and environmental enrichment, care, use and transportation of animal.
  • Use purpose-bred animals as far as possible, only genetically modified animals when they constitute a superior model for human disease and avoid using great apes in our research
  • Review animal models on a continuous basis using the principles of replacement, refinement, and reduction of animals to enhance animal welfare
  • Ensure that all employees working with animals have appropriate and documented education and training
  • Ensure animal welfare and timely treatment of ailments by laboratory animal veterinary staff
  • Monitor that research organisations working on our behalf, as well as suppliers of animals, live up to our ethical standards
  • Subject our animal research policy and procedures to periodic legal and ethical review by the Animal Care and Use Committee.
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