The Lundbeck Institute

Our purpose: Through educational activities, we tirelessly dedicated to restoring brain health, so every person can be their best

In 1997, H. Lundbeck A/S made a serious commitment to help improve the quality of treatment for patients living with illnesses of the central nervous system (CNS) by founding the Lundbeck Institute with the following vision: "Through educational activities, to contribute to improve quality of life for patients livng with psychiatric and neurological diseases".

The goals of the Lundbeck Institute are:

To achieve consensus in an international forum on how to improve diagnosis, treatment and compliance in CNS diseases.

To build and maintain partnership and a network with specialists within CNS.

The Lundbeck Institutes activities are controlled by the Lundbeck International Neuroscience Foundation. The Lundbeck International Neuroscience Foundation is a legal entity. Thus, the activities are fully dedicated to non-product related activities, and there will never be advertising in favour of drugs from any medical company. The Lundbeck International Neuroscience Foundation and the Lundbeck Institute observe the standards laid down by the Accreditation Council for Continuing Medical Education follows the European Accreditation Guidelines.

The Institute and the Lundbeck International Neuroscience Foundation are supported by many of the major international psychiatric organisations. 

Faculty & Institute network 
The Lundbeck International Neuroscience Foundation Faculty consists of more than 80 highly respected psychiatrists and neurologists. They approve all Lundbeck Institute activities and support the Institute in maintaining the highest possible professional level.

On the basis of their practical experience and their latest scientific findings the Faculty members

  • advise on seminar topics
  • advise on scientific topics to be addressed at the seminars
  • write and review existing and new scientific material
  • provide guidelines and develop input for reaching consensus
  • moderate at the Institute interactive seminars and symposia
  • give presentations at “Meet the Expert” sessions at the seminars
  • support local implementation
  • review and contribute with scientific content on the website

The Lundbeck Institute Network consists of all former seminar participants (a total of more than 3400 specialists) as well as the members of the Faculty of the Lundbeck International Neuroscience foundation. Through the Network meetings, the Institute offers colleagues from around the world a possibility to stay in touch and continue the professional exchange of knowledge and ideas that is initiated at the seminars.




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