Partnering with Lundbeck

Partnerships are an important part of Lundbeck’s strategy. Lundbeck is seeking to obtain increased value from our existing partnerships and by actively pursuing and evaluating new opportunities at all times.

Over the last decade, successful partnerships, from pre-clinical through commercial, have been one of the main contributors to our position as specialists in psychiatric and neurological disorders and experts in neuroscience research. The importance of partnerships is recognized throughout the organization, and we strive to continuously be the partner of choice.

Why partner with Lundbeck?

1. Fully integrated company

Lundbeck is a fully integrated company with approximately 5,300 employees in 55 countries; we have core competencies in research, clinical development, production, marketing and sales. Partnered products have been successfully integrated into our value chain – from pre-clinical to marketed products.

2. Proven track record of developing products for the market

The majority of Lundbeck’s currently marketed products are based on successful internal innovations and external preclinical and clinical opportunities. As a result, we are currently undertaking the biggest launch effort in Lundbeck’s history, making key products such as Abilify Maintena®, Brintellix®, Northera®, Onfi® and Rexulti® available to people with psychiatric and neurological disorders.

The success of our products, moving through the process of being a molecule in our pipeline to being a safe product ready to be marketed, is due to our approximately 1,000 dedicated employees in research and development, who are entirely focused on psychiatric and neurological disorders.

3. Proven track record of commercial success

Thanks to Lundbeck’s strong platform and global presence, we have created commercial successes for our products. In various markets worldwide, we market pharmaceuticals for the treatment of depression, schizophrenia, Parkinson’s disease and Alzheimer’s disease.

This success is built on a large global infrastructure for sales and marketing, with approximately 3,000 employees and strong regional commercial capabilities. Our committed commercial organization is dedicated to bringing therapies to the patients that need them.

4. Dedicated to psychiatric and neurological disorders

Building on our own innovations and external licensing agreements, Lundbeck has more than 70 years’ experience within psychiatry and neurology. Our R&D and commercial teams are dedicated to psychiatric and neurological disorders, and we have a strong network among key opinion leaders and specialists in psychiatry and neurology, as well as among GPs.

Our strategy is to strengthen our position as a leading company within psychiatry and neurology. Psychiatric and neurological disorders are among the greatest global burdens of disease: the patient population is expected to increase over the coming years and the unmet medical need in this area is substantial.

5. Flexible, fast decision making on partnerships

Lundbeck’s top management is committed to evaluating partnerships and has designed a process to ensure structured and fast decision making when evaluating new partnering opportunities.

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