Communication policy

Lundbeck is dedicated to doing the right thing and we will in the conduct of business maintain a high ethical standard, which means that we will communicate and interact with our stakeholders with integrity and responsibility.

Communication Policy 

Lundbeck is one of the only fully integrated pharmaceutical companies in the world, which focuses solely on the treatment of psychiatric and neurological disorders.

It is our vision to strive for global leadership in psychiatry and neurology by improving the lives of patients.

We firmly believe that trust between Lundbeck and our stakeholders is a fundamental pillar of the company’s success and future development. We also believe that trust is built on communication and willingness to engage in dialogue.

We want to engage in an open, constructive and continuous dialogue with our stakeholders based on equality and mutual respect.

We encourage our stakeholders to take a positive interest in Lundbeck’s activities and obtain a clear understanding of Lundbeck’s vision, principles, strategy and performance.

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