Your Partner in Epilepsy

Lundbeck knows that the needs of those impacted by seizure disorders go far beyond the availability of treatments.

Each year, Lundbeck’s employees actively participate in more than 100 epilepsy awareness and educational events, and partner with this incredible community of health care professionals, patients, caregivers, families and advocacy groups to make a variety of important programs available. We are proud to be Your Partner in Epilepsy.

Lundbeck’s newest program as Your Partner in Epilepsy is Studio E: The Epilepsy Art Therapy Program. In partnership with local Epilepsy Foundation affiliates, Studio E offers art therapy to children and adults living with epilepsy.

Participating adults attend a series of sessions led by licensed art therapists. During the sessions, they are encouraged to create art that enables them to express emotions about epilepsy in a safe, welcoming environment. Everyday challenges for people with epilepsy can include being concerned about potential seizures, a need to limit activities and a lack of understanding from others. Through art therapy, they can express what they’re feeling, connect with one another and ultimately inform others about the condition. Participants are given the opportunity to showcase their art through a variety of means, including local and national art exhibits.

Participating children are given the opportunity to express themselves through art at local epilepsy camps, walks and other events throughout the year.

For more information about this program, visit or contact Matt Flesch.


Epilepsy PSA featuring Greg Grunberg


Talk About It!: As part of our ongoing initiative to encourage those with epilepsy to never settle, because even one seizure is too many, Lundbeck joined forces with actor Greg Grunberg and the Epilepsy Foundation to create this public service announcement.

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