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I have been working in HR Department for almost 2 years. I decided to join Lundbeck as to me it is important to work for a company which has the mission to improve the quality of life of people. It is different working here in comparison to my previous employer, another shared service. Business Service Centre of Lundbeck is still a new company in Krakow, growing and changing constantly. I have the opportunity to be involved in different HR initiatives as well as suggest process improvements. I feel I am in the right place.

Karolina, HR Senior Specialist


When I moved from Lundbeck to another organization I quickly realized how unique the working culture in Lundbeck was and how much I missed it. In my opinion there is no other corporate organization in Cracow that is so truly based on trust and partnership. In Lundbeck your voice is really heard and you are encouraged to speak up your mind and propose your initiatives. The fact that you are contributing to the development of new treatments for most challenging psychiatric and neurological diseases is priceless. You feel that your work has meaning. So when I said “Yes” to an offer to rejoin the company and work on new projects and challenges I knew I’m making the right choice.

Jacek, Senior IT Specialist


I’ve joined the Company in October 2014 and I enjoy being part of a great Lundbeck’s adventure since then. Lundbeck is not just another huge corporation. Working here makes difference. Lundbeck has a mission – to improve the quality of life for those suffering from psychiatric and neurological disorders – and it’s really great to feel that with our daily work we have the opportunity to contribute to a patients care. 
GBS Kraków is great people committed to Lunbeck’s values. It’s great work atmosphere. It’s also Management Team which encouraged me in my development. I appreciate each opportunity and challenge I’ve encountered during the past 2 year and I’m very excited about what will come next.

Sandra, Process Excellence Specialist


I had worked for Lundbeck once before and quit, lured by a headhunter with a seemingly amazing opportunity. After a month in another organization, I decided to come back to Lundbeck without any hesitation, and others followed shortly. What made me come back? The people, the responsibility, chances for new, exciting projects every day and an atmosphere of trust and creative freedom.

Michal, HR Project Coordinator

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