Lundbeck certified as CIMA Development Quality Partner and Training Quality Partner – October 2017

In October 2017 one of the main goals in our consistent strive for being a top employer on the market has been fulfilled. Here are a few words from our Managing Director to celebrate this great success:


I am very pleased to announce that Lundbeck GBS has been certified under two CIMA employer schemes: Development Quality Partner and Training Quality Partner. This links to our strategy on people development and our ambition for being employer of choice for qualified accountants.

The accreditation means that our performance management and learning and development processes, procedures and support have been benchmarked against a robust set of quality standards by CIMA. For CIMA Members it means that our organization provides the tools, resources, documentation and support necessary for you to comply with CIMA’s Continuous Professional Development (CPD) policy. Should any CIMA Member working at Lundbeck be selected for random CPD monitoring by CIMA, he/she would only need to confirm the employment at Lundbeck and will not be required to submit a record.

For our employees - CIMA Students, Training Quality Partner accreditation means that Lundbeck provides relevant support and tools for you to be successful in progressing with your certifications for qualified accountants.

Both accreditations are global – all Lundbeck entities can enjoy the benefits of the above accreditations.

Additional information for our ACCA Members and Students - the accreditation process for Lundbeck with ACCA is in progress. I do hope to have some good news to share with you shortly.

Marcin Młynarczyk

Managing Director



Kraków Business Run 2017:

It has become a tradition for Lundbeck to participate in Kraków Business Run, therefore it is no surprise that in 2017 we had a strong representation at this event! Six teams comprised of 30 Lundbeck employees raced for Kraków Business Run’s regular organizer and beneficiary - Poza Horyzonty Fundacja Jaśka Meli, with a specific purpose to fund prosthetics for amputees.

All our teams finished the run, with the top team’s (Hoży doktoży) time of 1:31:57, which gave us 212th position out of 1063 teams! Our top runners this year were Natalia Bączek (18:31) and Mateusz Drożdż (15:34).

The event is growing every year and we are hoping to be able to participate in future editions with even better results and more teams. Congratulations to this year’s running crew!


Progress in Mind – meeting with Therapists – Milena Łapaj and Mateusz Gawron, Vita nursing home

Improving the lives of people suffering from brain diseases is our mission as a company. While our colleagues in Research & Development work on new therapies, we try to raise awareness of the seriousness and social impact of the diseases Lundbeck is fighting. Another meeting in the series of Progress in Mind events was hosted at Lundbeck GBS Kraków office on 21st July. Two therapists from “Vita” nursing home in Kraków – Milena Łapaj and Mateusz Gawron held a presentation on schizophrenia and how it affects the life of a patient as well as their family, friends and therapists themselves.

Schizophrenia patients experience profound disruptions in thinking, affecting language, perception, and the sense of self. The symptoms often include psychotic experiences, such as hearing voices or delusions. It can impair functioning through the loss of an acquired capability to earn a livelihood, or the disruption of studies. The disease is currently estimated to affect over 21 million people worldwide, according to WHO.

We have committed ourselves to collaborate with “Vita” nursing home as part of our Corporate Social Responsibility program. We are very much looking forward to have the chance to really help people suffering from schizophrenia and thus really contribute to Lundbeck mission.


One Team Celebration – 17th-18th May

If there is one event that would sum up our workplace in the best, most accurate way, then it has to be the One Team Celebration. This annual conference for all our employees and our colleagues from Group Business Services in Valby, Denmark consists of two days of workshops, great banquets, teambuilding games and much more! It is as unique as Lundbeck’s working culture – egalitarian, passionate, creative and above all – concentrated on people.

Our main topics this year were Continuous Improvement, Collaboration, Internal Controls and Feedback which all refer to our strategic objectives and have all been created and facilitated by our own employees. Anders Götzsche, Lundbeck’s CFO and Executive Vice President visited us this year to comment on the financial results, take part in workshops and join us at our evening event.

We are very much looking forward to the next year’s edition!


Sports & Wellness program update – May

As a young and vibrant company we take pride in taking care of our Team’s physical well-being. Supplemented by the recently launched AHIP program we are pleased to announce this years’ Sports & Wellness program and activities within!

Sports Club and Business League – Our football team has been growing stronger, quicker and more accurate over the last year. In fact the team became so good, we decided to enroll in Krakow Business League for the autumn 2017 and spring 2018 seasons! The team trains every week and then we can all support them at Dekerta Street, where they play their weekly games!

Massages – Continuing our program from 2016, we have a pleasure of hosting a masseur every week on Fridays’ afternoons. Being able to relax after a whole week of work is among one of the highest-valued benefits offered by Lundbeck.

Bike 2 Work – This will be the third edition of Bike 2 Work project. Just like in the previous years, Lundbeck employees will register the kilometers they make on their bikes while going to and from work over summer (June to August). After the end of the project, Lundbeck will pay an incentive to the employees depending on the distance covered as well as donate a portion of the funds collected to a charitable organization of our choice.

Business Run – Another returning project this year is Krakow Business Run. This time we will enroll 5 teams, so 30 people from Lundbeck – close to 20% of the organization will take part in the event this year! Starting in June, we are going to be trained just like in previous years by our running coach – Krzysztof Janik.

Office Stretching – Have you ever had a backache after a long day in the office? We sometimes all experience discomfort caused by working in a sitting position. We have rolled out the office stretching project to help our employees remain healthy. We are gathering twice a week to exercise for 15 minutes with a professional coach from All4Body. 


After Hours Integration Program (AHIP) launched in April!

So far in terms of having fun together we have covered company events (Carnival Party, Summer BBQ, and Christmas Dinner), Team evenings and sports engagements. This spring we thought we would enable our Team to decide for themselves what interests them and who they would like to try it with. Hence, the After Hours Integration Program was launched in mid-April.

The purpose of this program is for our employees to realize their hobbies and passions after work together with their colleagues. Any employee can apply for funding twice per year and the scope of activities to choose from is limited only by your imagination!

Have fun your way!


Progress in Mind – meeting with a Patient – Tomasz Kot, VITRIOL Foundation

On 7th April 2017 we hosted another meeting with a Patient, this time from another strategic Lundbeck disease area – depression. Mr. Tomasz Kot from VITRIOL Foundation gave our Team an insight into the life of a person suffering from depression, presented the main differences between the actual disease and simply having a bad day and told us his life story.

WHO estimates that there are over 350 million people living with depression – that is 5% of total world population, while in the USA alone the number is on a steady 20% rise each year. The problem grows bigger when one realizes that there are multiple places on our planet where depression is either not considered a disease at all, is frequently misdiagnosed or left untreated altogether. Lundbeck’s mission is to improve the lives of people living with brain diseases – our GBS Krakow team contributes by raising awareness of the diseases we target and ensuring that local charities concerned with depression, schizophrenia, Alzheimer’s or Parkinson’s diseases are not left alone.

We will continue to educate ourselves on daily struggles of the Patients and we commit ourselves to helping them by means of volunteering, donations and spreading the truth about the severity of these disorders.




Lundbeck GBS Krakow at the AIESEC Career Days 2017!

15th March 2017 – we are back at the job fairs! Our crew has prepared brainy surprises for everyone who visits our stand at the AIESEC Career Days taking place on the 15th March at Krakow’s University of Economics!

Take a Starfish Selfie with us and post it on your LinkedIn/Facebook profile with #Lundbeck to win a prize – we draw winners every full hour starting at 10:00 am; or Train Your Brain by trying to tackle our riddles challenge!

Come visit us, take a sweet treat and find out more about our company – we will all be happy to see you and tell you all about it!

You can find the map of the event with our spot below:


Christmas Dinner

Merry Christmas! On 15th December our GBS One Team from Kraków and Valby met to celebrate Christmas, recoup on 2016 events and look ahead by sharing New Year’s wishes.

We would like to share our best Christmas and New Year’s wishes with everyone, especially with our colleagues from around the world, patients, their families and medical staff that helps them day in, day out. We hope that 2017 will bring love, joy and hope to your homes and families!

Lundbeck GBS Kraków Team


Progress in Mind – meeting with a Patient - prof. dr hab. Paweł Socha

On 12th December 2016 our Kraków Team got a unique opportunity to stop for a moment in our daily duties and take a closer look at what is in the core of Lundbeck organization – the patient. We had a chance to host prof. dr hab. Paweł Socha – active lecturer and researcher at the Jagiellonian University Institute for the Study of Religions despite having been diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease over 16 years ago and his wife, Alicja Buczkowska – Socha.

They spoke about the daily routines of a person affected by Parkinson’s disease – both the patient and the caretaker, described the activities of the Krakow’s Society for People Living with Parkinson’s Disease which they are running together and shed light on the issues of social indifference and lack of awareness of the disease.

This touching and educational experience made a lot of our employees want to get involved in volunteering for the Society and we have already started to plan how we can help the people suffering from Parkinson’s disease on the daily basis.


Noble Box 2016 Final!

Noble Box has been an integral part of our culture from the very beginning – the ever increasing popularity of this engagement warms our hearts more and more each year as we manage to organize an increasing number of events and collect even more goods and funds for the Noble Box families. This year the family we helped received all items on their wish list as well as a surprise gift from Lundbeck – a winter holiday trip!

It is thanks to our employees’ dedication, initiative and willingness to help those less fortunate that we can observe a truly heartwarming increase in Noble Box activities each year.

We want to thank all employees who participated in 2016 edition and we are already planning how to help this initiative even more in 2017!


Bike 2 Work Engagement Final

Our Bike 2 Work 2016 engagement saw its’ final in December when we visited our beneficiaries at Custodial & Didactic Socializing Institution for Girls in Kraków with gifts! Due to the agreement with the institution’s head, we have funded a small gym for the girls that are wards there.

We wish them all the best for the New Year 2017 and we are hoping that the gym we managed to fund will help them relax and get in the desired shape! We even received a thank you note from the Institution’s management.

We are hoping our initiative will have really positive effects on the girls and will help them relax from all of the daily stress.



Santa’s visit to Lundbeck GBS Kraków – 7th December 2016

On 7th December our employees’ children had a chance to meet with Santa Claus and if they were nice all year round, receive Christmas presents! It turns out we didn’t have a single naughty child, so the birch this year went to the Elf and the Reindeer. J



GBS Kraków Wellness Day 16th September 2016

On 16th September GBS Kraków office was transformed into one of the healthiest places in the city! Started off with a healthy breakfast and professional nutritionist advice, the day continued in a wellness mindset. We enjoyed lectures on physical as well as mental well-being, received appreciated tips from ergonomics coach and even had a chance to be trained in self-massaging by our colleagues!

While concentrating on our own health, we found it essential to devote valuable time to Lundbeck’s patients, who are always in the heart of the company. An immensely informative meeting with our Senior Medical Representative – Joanna Żak-Kucharska brought us all much closer to the problems our patients face every day and various ways in which Lundbeck attempts to help them. We are very much looking forward to continuing such meetings in future.

GBS Kraków Wellness Day was a natural sum-up of all sports & health related programs for 2016, which are going to be continued in future to further engage all of our employees. The day was wrapped-up with the most active participants being rewarded with sets of Lundbeck sports gadgets.


Kraków Business Run 2016

On 4th September 2016 thirty of our colleagues took part in Kraków Business Run – an annual charity event organized since 2012 by Poza Horyzonty Fundacja Jaśka Meli and their partners. Throughout the years the funds collected during Business Run helped improve the lives of 19 people by purchasing hi-tech limb prosthetics.

This year Lundbeck GBS Kraków contributed largely to helping another three beneficiaries of the foundation. Six teams composed of our employees all finished the run, with fastest team time of 01:24:47 – Team Brintellix, ranked 74th in overall classification! Individual fastest runners from our teams were Kasia Rzeszutko (00:20:00) and Bartek Marusiński (00:15:21).

We are hoping to match or even top our 2016 performance during the 2017 edition of Kraków Business Run, so join us next year!


Lundbeck Global Finance Council hosted in Krakow

On 22nd and 23rd June 2016 we hosted Lundbeck’s Global Finance Council in the GBS office in Krakow. The meeting was chaired by Anders Götzsche, Lundbeck Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer. The Finance Directors from all strategic affiliate units across the world participated in it.

The agenda focused on the strategic direction of Finance function at Lundbeck. Group Business Services Project was one of the key themes covered by the Council. Without a doubt, Group Business Services organization is an important part of Lundbeck journey to succeed as a global organization.

We are proud that GBS Krakow had an opportunity to host such an important gathering and we look forward to see more events and engagements taking place in Krakow going forward. 


Bike 2 Work Program launched in GBS Krakow

June is a month of increased physical activity for most of sun-thirsty people, hence we have launched one of our most successful initiatives ever – Bike 2 Work. Every employee who goes to work by bike registers the kilometers they ride and Lundbeck pays an incentive depending on the distance covered. Not only is this an eco-friendly initiative, but first and foremost, portion of the earned funds will be donated to charity.


It’s time to get ready for Krakow Business Run  2016

May marks the beginning of our annual preparation for Krakow Business Run. With the attendance of 30 participants, we have registered 6 teams that will take part in the 2016 edition of the Business Run! We are all very excited to once again have the chance to be trained for the run by one of the best running coaches – Krzysztof Janik. On 4th September 2016 we are expecting all 30 participants to give their best and we will all be supporting them from the sidelines!


Marcin Młynarczyk appointed Managing Director of Group Business Services in Krakow:

On 6th May 2016 Marcin Młynarczyk was appointed the Managing Director of Group Business Services in Kraków.

Marcin has been part of the Krakow Management Team since the startup of the Company in 2014. Until today Marcin has been responsible for the Accounting to Reporting and Source to Pay processes.

As Managing Director of GBS Krakow Marcin’s primary focus will be to continue to stabilize operations and mature our Group Business Services organization in Krakow, currently servicing around 30 countries across Lundbeck.


Sports Club at Lundbeck

In April we established our own Lundbeck Sports Club! Every week we rent a gym with the equipment to play various team sports. Football, volleyball and badminton are the first three disciplines we are trying our strengths at. We meet once a week in the evenings. Let’s stay active and healthy! 


Lundbeck Group Business Services were present during AIESEC Career Days 2016 at Krakow University of Economics on 17th March 2016.

We are proud to have had one of the most popular booths with over 300 entries to our candidates’ database by the end of the event. As a mission and people-oriented company Lundbeck Group Business Services was recognized as an attractive workplace by candidates from various backgrounds. Students and graduates specializing in finance and controlling, IT-related fields or Human Resources as well as mathematics, languages, marketing or administration have all identified Lundbeck Group Business Services as a place where they could develop their careers.

We are committed to be recognized as a Top Employer.

We are excited to see so many potential candidates willing to develop their careers within Lundbeck Group Business Services! We also encourage everyone interested in career in Lundbeck Group Business Services to visit our Group Business Services Careers page!

We focus on passionate and responsible people.

We are looking forward to engaging even more with our potential candidates in the future. We are planning on participating in an increasing number of events and we cannot wait to meet you there!

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