Working with healthcare professionals and organizations

Lundbeck works with healthcare professionals when developing and delivering new treatment options to people living with psychiatric and neurological diseases. We believe this collaborative working benefits patients and society.

Countries that disclose

Lundbeck disclose payments and other transfers of value to HCPs and HCOs according to legal requirements and pharmaceutical industry code of practice. The table below provides an overview of where the disclosed information can be accessed in the countries where Lundbeck operates.


Country Disclosure link
Austria Lundbeck corporate website
Belgium Industry Association website
Bulgaria Lundbeck corporate website
Croatia Lundbeck corporate website
Cyprus Lundbeck Greece website
Czech Republic Industry Association website
Denmark Ministry of Health website
Estonia Lundbeck Estonia website
Finland Lundbeck Finland website
France Ministry of Social Affairs and Health website
Germany Lundbeck corporate website
Greece National Medicines Agency and Lundbeck Greece website
Hungary Lundbeck corporate website
Ireland Industry Association website
Italy Lundbeck Italy website
Japan Lundbeck Japan website
Latvia Lundbeck Latvia website
Lithuania Lundbeck corporate website
Luxembourg Lundbeck Belgium website
Norway Lundbeck Norway website
Poland Lundbeck Poland website
Portugal Health Authority website
Romania National Agency for Medicines and Medical Devices and Industry Association website (R&D)
Russia Lundbeck Russia website
Serbia Lundbeck corporate website
Slovakia Lundbeck Slovakia website
Slovenia Lundbeck corporate website
Spain Lundbeck Spain website
Sweden Industry Association website
Switzerland Lundbeck Switzerland websites - FR / DE
The Netherlands  
Ukraine Lundbeck corporate website
United Kingdom Industry Association website
United States Government website


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