We have selected the UN Global Compact as the strategic foundation for our corporate social responsibility (CSR) initiatives. Our corporate strategy is consistent with the obligation to promote the Global Compact’s ten principles regarding human rights, labour standards, the environment and anti-corruption, and to report on our progress.

Our CSR strategy contains five prioritised areas and we engage with stakeholders to improve our overall performance:

  • Ethics and behaviour: We implement binding guidelines with the aim of ensuring that all employees perform their duties in accordance with our business ethics. Read more about our actions
  • Health, safety and environment: We will ensure that our employees have a safe and healthy working environment and act to minimise our environmental footprint. Read more about our actions
  • Supplier evaluation: We will evaluate the ethical standards that our suppliers follow and we will ensure that these standards comply with the UN Global Compact. Read more about our actions
  • Access to health: We will continuously promote access to the treatment for people living with psychiatric and neurological diseases. Read more about our actions
  • Transparent interactions: We will work with key stakeholders to enhance transparency of our interactions and annually report on our performance

You can read more about our interactions with key stakeholders in the following pages:

  • Working with healthcare professionals and organisations: Lundbeck’s payments and other transfers of value to Healthcare Professionals (HCPs) and Healthcare Organisations (HCOs)
  • Sponsorships: Lundbeck’s support to Patient Organisations in countries under the European Federation of Pharmaceutical Industries and Associations (EFPIA)
  • Donations & Grants: Eligible recipients can apply for donations and grants to for appropriate purposes that are aligned with Lundbeck’s vision 
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