The report describes Lundbeck’s global CSR activities and progress in 2015, and contains descriptions of planned activities and targets for 2016.

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Our three corporate principles and the ten UN Global Compact principles set out the framework for our business conduct and our Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) efforts. We only engage in CSR activities that create value for our employees, our stakeholders and the societies in which we operate.

Progress in 2015
We are continuously working to incorporate the UN Global Compact’s principles into our business practices. In 2015, we decided to maintain the previous years’ focus points in our CSR Strategy:

  • Ethics and behaviour: We updated the principle-based Code of Conduct, its related procedures and training. We are introducing new principles for interactions with public officials, more explicit guidance for interactions with healthcare professionals and patient organizations, and more specific principles for providing donations. We conducted 148 separate audits within the areas of the Code of Conduct.
  • Supplier Evaluation: We completed the implementation of this process in Europe, Canada and the US. Here we assess new and existing suppliers against the ten UN Global Compact principles. The multi-layered process identified 111 suppliers for a detailed assessment and in seven of these cases it was decided not to proceed with the supplier. We also conducted 211 audits at key suppliers and partners.
  • Health, Safety & Environment: We achieved the lowest CO2 emission and the lowest number of work-related accidents in a decade. We are recycling 53% of our nine most used solvents in our chemical manufacturing processes and thereby eliminating the need for producing and transporting tonnes of new solvents.
  • Access to Health: We have conducted a wide range of actions to promote Access to Health for people with psychiatric and neurological disorders in communities we operate within. These include supporting independent research, promoting knowledge about managing mental health in the workplace, and promoting collaboration among the mental health community and other community-based organisations.

About the report
The report represents Lundbeck’s seventh annual Communication on Progress to the UN Global Compact as well as our non-financial report on CSR according to the Danish Financial Statements Act. It describes Lundbeck’s global activities and progress in 2015, and contains descriptions of planned activities and targets for 2016. The report has been developed without direct engagement of external stakeholders.

‘On behalf of Lundbeck, I am pleased to express our continued support to the UN Global Compact. At Lundbeck, we recognise our responsibility to respect human and labour rights, to commit to environmental protection and to work against corrupt behaviour’

- Kåre Schultz, President & CEO

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