Code of Ethics

The present Code of Ethics addresses internal as well as external drivers for the ethical standards that govern our conduct. It specifies our business responsibility, environmental impact and social influence.

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Our business responsibility is about being fair, transparent and accountable. Lundbeck systematically monitors, evaluates and acts on opportunities and risks to our company in order to develop best practices and business standards.

Lundbeck works systematically to minimise our environmental impact. The precautionary principle guides our efforts, and we ensure continuous improvements in research, development and production, applying certified environmental management systems.

We acknowledge our social influence on people, community and society, and strive to be known as a company that advances responsible social relations. Internally, Lundbeck provides sound people policies covering the Lundbeck Group. Internationally, we promote agreed conventions on human and labour rights and promote access to health through the Lundbeck Institute as well as by donations. By generating profit, we contribute to The Lundbeck Foundation, one of the largest private contributors to public research in health and natural sciences in Denmark.

The Lundbeck Code of Ethics

Our company shall evolve through stakeholder engagement
All managers are responsible for ensuring that Lundbeck as a minimum complies with applicable laws and regulations. Lundbeck’s long term profitability is dependent on proactive and constructive dialogue with relevant stakeholders. We will openly display our rationales for entering into dialogue with each stakeholder group and expect the same openness from our stakeholders.

We will improve access to health for people living with CNS disorders
We strive to maintain our reputation as a leading facilitator of access to health through non-profit educational activities, sponsorships, and by facilitating dialogue between science, health care professionals, patients and their relatives. By considering the full cycle of patient care, we aim at going beyond the marketing of great products.

Our R&D strategy aims towards innovative central nervous system treatments
Lundbeck aims to develop treatments that make the biggest difference to people suffering from central nervous system (CNS) disorders. Our goal is to contribute to the understanding of the disease biology, translate this understanding to clinical research, and develop treatment solutions targeting the fundamental causes of CNS disorders. In this process, we will engage in partnerships with academic organisations as well as business partners.

We will continuously reduce, refine and replace animal experiments
As a research-based company we are obliged to conduct experiments on animals in order to enhance the quality of life and the safety of our patients. We will reduce, refine and replace animal experiments according to Lundbeck's policy on the use of animals and our independent ethical review process. We will continuously improve animal welfare and ensure research animals a secure environment and up-to-date facilities.

We will ensure high ethical standards and transparency in clinical trials
At Lundbeck, we conduct all our clinical studies in accordance with ethical standards that meet international requirements. Furthermore, we provide the public with information about our clinical studies while they are ongoing, and disclose the results of these studies in publicly available locations when they have been completed.

Our approach to patient safety shall be proactive and systematic
At Lundbeck, we acknowledge our responsibility to people who depend on our products and our knowledge of them to manage their disease. We use state-of-the-art systems to produce high quality products, perform pharmacovigilance and ensure patient safety globally. We continuously evaluate the benefit-risk profile of our products throughout their lifecycle and take action as warranted. We proactively communicate our safety knowledge to our stakeholders.

We are committed to work against corrupt practices
Our interactions with business partners and health care professionals aim to benefit people suffering from CNS disorders. To maintain our integrity Lundbeck will not accept or engage in corruption in any form, and we train relevant employees in order to prevent corrupt practices. We will act with due care when engaging with business partners, we inform them about our commitment to work against corruption, and expect them to live up to our standards.

Our standards for suppliers shall be aligned with internal standards
Lundbeck strives to establish sustainable partnerships in our supply chain to protect the environment and ensure people a safe, healthy and decent work life. Our standards for suppliers are aligned with internal standards, and based on internationally agreed conventions and principles. We base our approach on an open stakeholder dialogue, and the ambition of creating added value for all parties.

We will investigate and report environmental impact of products
Lundbeck will investigate the environmental impact of our products. We wish to improve the quality of publicly available environmental information and enhance transparency by supporting and participating in voluntary environmental classification schemes for pharmaceuticals.

We will minimise consumption of materials and the emission of CO2
Lundbeck has proven its ability to minimise emission of solvents, and has made a firm commitment to minimising corporate CO2 emissions and maintaining a leading position within the pharmaceutical industry. We will set clear and ambitious targets throughout our value chain to minimise consumption of materials and ensure responsible waste handling. We will do this by improving processes, motivating employees and systematically monitoring our performance.

We will ensure a sound working environment for our employees
We wish to remain among the leaders when it comes to the health and safety of our employees. This ambition requires continuous improvements, which are delivered by means of our certified systems for health and safety management. Our efforts aim to enhance both mental and physical health conditions. We will account openly for our results and react to stakeholder concerns on the well-being of our employees.

We will develop our human capital to ensure our longā€term performance
At Lundbeck, we support diversity in our workforce and promote learning and development at an organisational, team and individual level. We believe that respect for the individual is the foundation of a high performing company. Our employees are therefore always engaged on a voluntary basis in decent and ethical employments.

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