Significant HSE aspects

Lundbeck’s most significant impact on people and the environment derives from our use of raw materials, generation of waste and generation of airborne emissions.

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Our impact
Our research activities and the development and manufacturing of pharmaceuticals are based on chemical synthesis. For this reason, Lundbeck’s most significant health, safety and environmental (HSE) impact derives from the use of raw materials (organic solvents, water and energy), the generation of waste (hazardous/chemical and non-hazardous) and the production of emissions to the air (CO2 and chemical fumes/dust).

Our process
We plan and risk assess our design of the later manufacturing process early in the research and development stage, and always seek to design our manufacturing processes in a way that creates the least possible impact on people and the environment. Our solutions for reducing our impact are of a preventive nature, such as replacing hazardous substances, minimizing consumption and eliminating direct contact with unsafe compounds or allergens.

Our products
Another important aspect is to minimize the direct and indirect environmental impact of our products. Production processes are carefully monitored and best practice is adopted where it is possible in order to reduce our environmental footprint.

Prior to being allowed to market new pharmaceuticals, we are obliged to test and assess their environmental fate. This is done through an Environmental Risk Assessment.The gained knowledge is applied to the design and manufacturing process resulting in the least possible environmental impact.

Besides meeting regulatory requirements, Lundbeck also participate in European Pharmaceutical Industry networks to exchange experience and contribute to the development of environmentally friendly processes and technologies.

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