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Lundbeck and Privacy

Your privacy is important. This information explains how we comply with Australian privacy requirements.  This information may be updated from time to time.
Lundbeck’s system for complying with Australian privacy requirements includes:

  • our commitment to compliance with privacy requirements;
  • our policy and approach to privacy, as explained in this information;
  • our resources allocated to privacy, including our technology systems and services; and
  • our people and the training and education we undertake.

Collecting your personal information

Lundbeck is an international pharmaceutical company undertaking research and development to develop innovative drugs including for the treatment of brain diseases.

We provide information to consumers about our medicines to encourage correct usage, but this does not replace advice from a healthcare professional.  We also provide information about our products and related educational meetings and seminars to Australian healthcare professionals.

Depending on your involvement with Lundbeck, we may collect personal information about you such as your name, your contact details, and other information about you such as about your health and medical treatment. 

If you are a healthcare professional, we also collect information such as your name, contact details, your area of speciality, reports of adverse events, and your participation in our educational meetings and seminars.

We collect this information when we ask you for it and you, or others on your behalf authorised by you, provide it to us.

Where you prefer that we do not collect your personal information, we may not be able to provide assistance and undertake activities that we would otherwise provide or undertake.

Where reasonably possible, we seek to work with information and records from which personal information has been removed.

When we use and disclose personal information, in addition to complying with privacy laws and requirements, we comply with applicable laws such as those regulating manufacture and sale of pharmaceutical products.

We also collect information that may or may not include your personal information, through technology and tools that tell us when a computer or device has visited or accessed our content.  Those tools include services from search engines and other companies that help us to tailor our content, products and services to better suit consumers and customers.  Search engines provide facilities to allow you to indicate your preferences in relation to the use of those tools in connection with computers and other devices controlled or used by you.

Using your personal information

Generally, we use your personal information for our activities and business and to assist patients who may be treated with our products by their doctor or other health care professional, and in our efforts to expand and improve our business.  Examples include:

  • providing information about our products, and about health circumstances and medical conditions where doctors and other health professionals may prescribe and recommend them to assist patients;
  • providing assistance in relation to your doctor’s or other health care professional’s treatment of you with our products;
  • responding to inquiries about and dealing with possible problems and adverse events relating to our products including passing on adverse event information to our licensors, or communicating product safety information;
  • to operate programmes and forums in different media in which you are able to share information, including your personal information, with us and publicly (on the Terms applicable);
  • to determine if you are eligible for certain products, services or programmes;
  • to provide healthcare professionals with information about our products and related activities (including educational meetings, seminars, or other events organised by Lundbeck) that we consider may be of interest to you, unless you tell us not to do so;
  • to provide health care professionals with clinical samples of our products;
  • for a business or professional relationship we may have with you;
  • if you apply for employment with us, to consider your application;
  • for our research and development efforts;
  • to amend records to remove personal information; and
  • for other everyday business purposes that involve use of personal information.

Storing and Disclosing your personal information

We use various systems and services to safeguard the personal information we store and use, as part of our business systems and processes.
In doing so and in using personal information as we have explained above, we may pass on personal information to others including outside Australia mostly in countries where Lundbeck, which is headquartered in Denmark, does business. Examples include:

  • to others who are providing services to Lundbeck, or our product licensors, including those assisting us with investigations and reporting about possible problems and adverse events relating to our products and product safety;
  • to other Lundbeck companies in the Lundbeck global pharmaceutical group, including the Lundbeck pharmacovigilance department in Denmark and the Lundbeck regional pharmocovigilance centre in Singapore;
  • to regulatory agencies, and healthcare professionals involved in the care of patients; and
  • in other ways that come up in our business from time to time.

When we pass on or share your personal information in this way, we take steps to ensure it is treated in the same way that we would treat it.

As we noted earlier, where reasonably possible, we seek to work with information and records from which personal information has been removed and this also applies to information and records that we store about the use of our products by patients, and which we may use including for research and development purposes.

We do our best to keep records of personal information up to date and accurate and not to keep personal information that is no longer needed.

We sometimes have to pass on personal information for legal or safety reasons or other special circumstances.

Contact with Lundbeck about your personal information

You may wish to contact Lundbeck to access your personal information, to seek to correct it or to make a complaint about privacy.  Our privacy email contact address is and further contact details for Lundbeck and privacy are set out below:

Lundbeck Australia Pty Ltd
Ground Floor, 1 Innovation Road
Phone:  +612 8669 1000

We will respond to your request for access to personal information we hold about you as soon as we reasonably can, including if we are unable to provide you with access (such as when we no longer hold the information).

We do not impose any charge for a request for access, but we may charge you a reasonable fee for our costs associated with providing you with access and retrieval costs.

For complaints about privacy, we will establish in consultation with you a reasonable process, including timeframes, for seeking to resolve your complaint.

Usage tracking automatically tracks how the content provided is used. This tracking allows us to gain a better understanding of potential areas for improvement so as to continually improve the relevance of and accessibility to the content we provide.

To this end may at times deposit certain pieces of information called "cookies" on a visitor's computer. These 'cookies' allow a more detailed level of tracking to fine tune our usage reports. However should you have 'cookies' disabled on your machine, you will continue to have exactly the same access to content as with 'cookies' enabled, it will only result in slightly less accurate usage figures for our own internal reports.

This usage information will only be used within Lundbeck, and our relevant partners, to increase the quality of content, service and support to our visitors. Some of this information may be made public from time to time, however it will only be in an aggregate, non-personally identifiable form, such as how many visitors have been to

Personally Identifiable Information collects personally identifiable information, such as names, addresses and e-mail addresses, only when voluntarily provided by a website visitor. This information will only be used for the direct purpose as requested by the visitor, such as e-mail notification, orders or visitor feedback.

Lundbeck assures you that your personal data will not be released to third parties under any circumstances, except with regards to 'direct communication'.

Direct communication

Any questions, comments, suggestions, or the like that you may forward or transmit via, will become and remain the property Lundbeck, and will be treated as non-confidential, non-proprietary information, which the Lundbeck may use in any fashion and for any purpose whatsoever, including without limitation, disclosure to other entities, individuals, Lundbeck affiliates and agents, and Lundbeck may freely use such information, concepts, technology, or other information.

Lundbeck will of course continue to respect your privacy with regards to this communication and if it is necessary to disclose any personally identifiable information to a third party we will notify you as to the uses we intend to make of that information.


This Lundbeck site is not intended or designed to attract children under the age of 18. We do not collect personally identifiable data from any person we know to be under the age of 18.

Links to Other Sites

As a service to our visitors, Lundbeck provides links to other websites. We try to carefully choose websites, which we believe, are useful and meet our high standards. Any links to other web sites are provided as a convenience, and Lundbeck holds no responsibility for the content of such other sites and shall not be liable for any damages or injury arising from that content.


Any changes to this privacy policy will be communicated promptly on this page.
If you have any further questions concerning Lundbeck’s privacy policy or  in general please do not hesitate to contact us.

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